NHL 13 – Penalty/Goal Review Glitch

Ended up playing club last night and came across this hilarious glitch.  I’ll explain what happened and what I feel is the cause of the glitch.  There was a delayed penalty and we ended up scoring a goal that went off a forwards skate so it went up for review.  The goal ended up standing but the player who took the penalty, a Mr BRSlayer BDS on Xbox, ended up coming out of the box on the next few face-offs.  I believe the glitch occurs because when the play goes to review, the game views that as a whistle so the penalty stands, so the player is put into the box.  On a successful goal, the goal is counted prior to the whistle not before so on the face-off after the goal he comes out of the box.  He ended up coming out of the box on face-offs about 4 times before we took a penalty and it seemed to reset.

There’s colourful commentary in the video, mostly about qwerty keyboards and lazy penalty keepers.  Enjoy!

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