Splinter Cell BlackList E3 Debut

“A Group of Rogue Nations have masterminded the blacklist, a terror ultimatum of escalating attacks on US interests.  Their demands? Get your troops out of our countries or we bring the war to you.”

Watching the demo gives me goosebumps.  The game’s presentation looks amazing.  Just look at how Sam Fisher executes his targets and compare that to previous entries of Splinter Cell.  It looks more fluid, more real and less scripted.  Here’s hoping the executions remain this dynamic no matter the scenario you find yourself in.

There are Kinect integrated commands.  You can now shout “Hey you” with Kinect to draw the attention of an enemy.  You can also issue command orders, as seen in the above video, to orbital bomb a target.

Splinter Cell BlackList arrives Spring 2013



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