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Welcome to GamingRendo.com, your one stop shop for all your gaming news, reviews and video needs…. I hope!  This whole experience is relatively new to me, so keep that in mind as the site begins to develop, evolve and define itself over the next weeks/months.  Things will likely start off slow, but I intend to hit the ground running as soon as possible to keep offering content that other gamers want.  This will range from reviews, gameplay footage, walkthroughs, let’s plays, and gaming news that I feel appeal to the average gamer.

I’ve setup some simple forums so fellow gamers can communicate easily with myself and other members of the site to help build the community.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, good or bad, don’t hesitate to post it up there.  There’s always room to improve. At some point, hopefully as soon as possible, I’ll be looking for people who want to help contribute to the site to help us grow.  Stay tuned for more information on that.

I hope everyone enjoys their time here and gets something out of this.  If you like what we offer, please spread the word, tell some friends to help us grow!  Thanks for the support!




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MJ Goulah, creator of GamingRendo.com, lifelong gamer, avid hockey fan, and the most random, insane character you'll ever meet.

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